The benefits of strategic marketing communications

The benefits of a marketing communications strategy are clear:

Make money: Great marketing will drive the bottom line.

Save money: Invest in projects that help you reach your goals.

Builds your brand: Brand consistency is enhanced whilst conflicting messages which can dilute your brand are negated.

Keeps focus: Specific objectives and long-term goals are clear.

Provides structure: A method is in place for identifying your work, roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

Support organisational goals: A communications framework is built to support your company’s long-term goals.

Helps with fundraising: Potential funders can see the path of your organisation and understand how their support will help achieve its goals.

Demonstrate success: Evaluation metrics provide measurements of invested time and resources.

Provides direction: Micro-management and mis-direction are reduced by having a roadmap for activities throughout the year.

Co-ordinates messages: Everyone is on the same page about what to say and how to say it.

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